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Herman Lowe
St. Michael West Central

Thank you for your interest in the United Progressive Party

The United Progressive Party is an organisation with a new vision for greater participation in our democracy by the people of Barbados. All Barbadians know we must do something different to curb the stagnation in our country. We will seek your contribution to policy making continually not once every five years. In order to pursue principles of good governance it is necessary to seek the contribution of more Barbadians so that Barbados can benefit from the expertise which has developed in our people through years of experience, training and education. Thus one of our key policies is empowering our communities through strengthening our Non-Governmental Organisations and Community Based Organisations. We will leverage the skills of all of our people and by so doing build a new economy leveraging technology, finance, culture and the creative industries. 

Come and join us and help us to develop and implement this vision.

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About Us

A New Movement ... Now!

Welcome to the home of the Progressives. You are part of a new movement which wants to see real change in Barbados. Those in the progressive movement just like you know that Barbados should be much further ahead. Our problem has never been a lack of charismatic leaders or brilliant ideas. We have lacked steadfast discipline and proper management. You can get Barbados back on track by being a candidate, a supporter or voter for the Progressives.  Come and be a part of history in the making!   

Our Top Issues

There are two areas which we are most passionate about and that is education and staving off the advancement of corruption in Barbados. Early assessment for all of our children so that they may get the education most suitable to their physical and mental needs. Corruption costs taxpayers and those countries which are highest on the human development index correlate with those which have the highest level of accountability and transparency.  

Your Involvement

We believe in a participatory democracy. Everyone has a role to play in taking Barbados forward. We would wish to have Barbadians through their own organisations, through community groups and individually to communicate directly with us. We will work from now to create conduits which allow the people to reach their representative. We do so by ensuring each community.   We already have a draft policy on strengthening our communities.

UPP looks at Budget 2017-2018

Fewer Constituencies : Giving Community Based Organisations & A Voice : Weeding Out Corruption: People Focused Taxation : Revamping International Business : A New Economy : No to Selling Off all Taxpayer Assets : Creating Accountability & Transparency 

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The United Progressive Party

No. 46 Dayrells Road, Christ Church, Barbados

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Breaking the Two Party duopoly

Check out this great video. It discusses the fact that many countries in the world have a multi-party system and its benefits to democracy. Give it a listen !