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Barbadians must pursue the legacy of continuous progress. As Barbadians seek to be truly masters of their own destiny we must seek to realise fulfillment for all of our people. Not just a few can be facilitated and depended upon for real economic growth and development of the society. We need a new focus on the development of industries to truly provide opportunities for all.

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The United Progressive Party contested its first General Election on May 24, 2018 with modest results. In fact the incumbent Government won all 30 of the contested seats. A first for Barbados! We in the UPP believe that we contributed significantly to the debate and we can see that some of our manifesto pledges have been adopted by the current Government.  The good news - we are here to stay and will continue our dialogue with you.

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There is room to fashion a new democracy in Barbados. We have learnt how to cast our vote but not what to do between elections.  We will help to shape a democracy where many voices can be heard and not just a few. We need to educate our people as to what they should demand and how they can demand it from those who should represent their interests. We would like you to help us shape that new democracy and would love for you to join us. 

Building Strong!

Unlike other political parties which seek to make its members dependent on its patronage for their survival. This party aims to make Barbadians strong so that we can better and more ably participate in our democracy.  Often people can not speak out for what is in their own interest because they are afraid of losing what they do have. This is why the Party will focus on developing the life skills of our members and our people. Strong people will help to shape a strong democracy.

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