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The United Progressive Party

Everton Holligan: St. George North

Everton Holligan speaks about his reason for answering the call to bring new options to Barbados.

Lynette Eastmond : City of Bridgetown

Lynette Eastmond speaks at the re-opening of the Caribbean Wax Museum expressing the view that the Barbadian community must learn to understand that entrepreneurs might not be perfect when they start but should be allowed the opportunity too grow.


On November 21, 2017 the United Progressive Party lead by Lynette Eastmond delivered the first in a series of manifestos. This one is the New Economy Manifesto. See more at 

Lynette Eastmond speaks at Dunlow Lane

The Progressive Party Leader Ms. Lynette Eastmond speaking at a spot meeting at Dunlow Lane. One of the issues raised was the collection of garbage within the City. She recommended that a City Council was required to properly manage the City.


Listen to Neesa Reid speaking with the residents of Eden Lodge in St. Michael at the launch of Maria Phillips, the Candidate for St. Michael North.

The United Progressive Party met at Eden Lodge in St. Michael on July 17, 2017 at 4:30 pm for the Launch of the Candidature of Maria Phillips. Lynette Eastmond spoke of the corruption now engulfing government which usually started with vote buying at each election. Ms. Phillips expressed her dream that all Barbadians could rise together. Paul Forte of St. Michael East; Hermon Lowe of St. Michael West Central and Everton Holligan of St. George North also spoke. Hudson Griffith was the Chairman. 

Spot Meeting St. Michael East

The Progressive Party Leader Ms. Lynette Eastmond speaking at the Spot Meeting of the Candidate for St. Michael East Paul Forte. Here she addresses the issue of the Public Accounts Committee and the fact that no action has been taken on the findings of the Auditor General's Report.


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Response to the Budgetary Proposals of May 30 2017.

Launch of the United Progressive Party February 9th, 2017.