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  • Lynette Eastmond, UPP Candidate for the City, has always been bold. This is why in her teens she took up the challenge of navigating in rallies across Barbados with her brother Warrick. Lynette believes that Barbados can do great things with collective action. She was one of the founders of the International Tax and Investment Organisation, a grouping of small brought together to fight the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. She was also one of the founders of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries and the Barbados Film & Video Association. Lynette was a Senior Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers being part of a team which succeeded in bringing several high quality investors to Barbados. She was also successful in revamping several pieces of legislation to ensure that the environment was right for business as Director of International Business. She was also a Director of the Central Bank of Barbados, Senator and Minister of Government. Lynette owns her own business providing legal and business services to local and international clients. 


  •   Craig Harewood, UPP Candidate for St. George South, is the Investment Director at the OurInterest Group. He spearheads operational research and market analysis across the Forex market and other assets classes. Before that he co-founded KissBarbados Inc (an IT and business solutions company) where he had mixed success. Craig embraces failure as well as success  He often gives the story of starting a call- center in the Philippines and having to close his operations into the first week when Hurricane Haiyan hit. Craig is an avid footballer and helped Combined Faith (a multi- faith Christian outreach organization) create Combined Faith Football Club. Craig has a history of simply starting things and getting the job done. Projects that he would like to fulfill once in government are: Ensuring that Barbados utilizes 100% renewable energy, this would lower cost of living for all Creating environment for entrepreneurs to succeed; Food sustainability via technological improvements Productivity via technology (including e-governance). Craig Harewood has declared his candidacy for St. George South.


  •  Paul Forte, UPP Candidate for Christ Church East, has been engaged in community work from the age of 17 years. His involvement with the UPP stems from his passion for people and for his country. He has been a leader in the Youth Parliament of Barbados and co-founded Team Action, a group which has focused on developing young individuals across the schools and communities in Barbados. UNICEF has in the past called upon Paul to develop programmes for Barbados and for the region. In some instances this work has taken him to Latin America. He is an entrepreneur with skills in many areas including construction and has obtained a Masters degree in Project Management. Paul’s desire is to bring change to the way communities are represented in Barbados and he wants to ensure that Barbadians participate more in their communities. In so doing their voices would be represented in the policy options which are implemented in the Barbados Government. Paul Forte has declared in candidacy for St. Michael East.

Herman LOWE

  • Herman Lowe, UPP Candidate for St. Michael West Central, is a customs broker by profession and a farmer. He is very much a community man. Herman Lowe believes that part of the transformation of Barbados lies in developing a modern approach to agriculture. He has identified the fact that there is a disconnection between those who farm and access to the land available in Barbados. He has noted that quite often the farmers live quite a distance away from their land. It is therefore his proposal that accommodation should be provided on these farms. Mr. Lowe also sees himself as a  Human Rights advocate and is therefore concerned to ensure every Barbadian receives justice. He has expressed the view that in a rush to address immediate concerns one might rush to judgement.  He has represented the interests of oppressed people at the United Nations. Herman is a graduate of  the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus but he has not stayed within the region. His travels have taken him to Israel as well as the African continent and in particular the Congo. Education especially within the community is important for him. His focus is on providing life long education and training especially that which is based within the community. He was born in Haynesville and loves the urban areas of Barbados. He believes that through community based programmes he can make a difference to the lives of people. Herman Lowe is offering himself to the people of St. Michael West Central.  


  • Romero Lashley, UPP Candidate for Christ Church East, is an active educator of over thirty years. He has taught from primary to tertiary levels and been engaged in several examining and review projects with the University of the West Indies and teacher evaluations the Erdiston Teacher Training College. He sees education as a powerful and peaceful tool, which, beyond the preparation of a work force for national development, has the potential to facilitate social and personal development in ways barely tapped into. His zeal to create new opportunities for learning in a positive environment drove him to create The Extra Edge in 1999. During his tenure at the Barbados Community College he has also held leadership positions on the Union Committee.  The desire to uplift the poor and make an impact in the development of our nation’s people, led him to take the opportunity made available by the UPP to be their representative in the Christ Church East constituency. The UPP distinguished themselves as being more than a typical party but rather a movement of ordinary citizens whose mantra is the empowerment of the population so that they can participate fully in the democracy that is theirs. In his younger years, he dedicated much of his time to church work. He now features as a guest on the weekly radio program “A Word To The Wise” every Sunday on Life 97.5 FM.  Mr Lashley is the father of four children, but a teacher and mentor to many.  


  • Everton "Heru" Holligan, UPP Candidate for St. George North, believes his purpose in life is to leave his country and community better than the one he inherited. He was born and raised in Melverton, St. George and attended St. Luke's Primary and Lodge School. His belief is exemplified in his chosen career as a holistic health consultant. He has co-founded Healing Earth Life Products (HELP), a natural health company which offers wellness consultations and manufactures a line of Herbal Formulas.  Everton is an international and Caricom Certified Massage Therapist, and reflexologist and Holistic Health Consultant. He is also the owner of The Good Life Restaurant and Lounge, Barbados' only vegan restaurant. Apart from being a business owner and family man, Everton has been a social activist and an advocate for community empowerment.   He serves as Vice-President to the organisation Better Birthing in Bim, whose mandate is to educate about natural birthing practices,  and advocate for better birthing conditions in public health institutions in Barbados.  Everton also founded Khemit Konnections, an organisation he started in his early 20s while living abroad, to give back to the Citizens of Barbados. He used his resources t fund educational activities across the island, inviting international scholars to educate on topics of health and wellness. He also founded book clubs and study groups.  Everton is the father and mentor of five amazing children for whom he desires to leave a legacy.   


  • Maria Phillips, UPP Canidate for St. Michael North has been a practising Attorney-at-Law for over twelve years . In addition to her legal qualifications she is a holder of two masters degrees in international law and international trade policy and she is currently completing post graduate diploma at the University of London in economic policy.Miss Phillips has completed her training and certification in mediation with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution in London. She is also a certified mediator in Trinidad.   As strong advocate for dispute resolution since 2007, Miss Phillips has facilitated workshops in mediation, in which key personnel in both government and the private sector were trained in mediation. She has also lectured at the University of the West Indies Faculty of Law Cave Hill Campus in Alternative Dispute Resolution, as part of the undergraduate law degree program.   Miss Phillips is the founder of Caribbean Centre for Conflict Management Inc. a company that trains personnel in alternative dispute resolution skills for the workplace, and she has trained personnel in Barbados and the Caribbean region.    As part of her contribution to her Community she has served on several boards and is the former Deputy Chairperson of the Barbados Accreditation Council . She currently serves as a Trustee for the Charity the Barbados Centre for Conflict Management which  was instrumental in designing a program for schools in teaching students conflict resolution skills .    Her passion is to see Barbados develop through creative and equitable policies in addition, to implementing the structures that are necessary for legal reform.  


  • Nadja Willis UPP Candidate for Christ Church South is a Barbadian with the community in her heart. She received her secondary school education at the Christ Church Foundation School and later attended University at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.  Nadja sought to spread her wings beyond Barbados, and therefore traveled extensively in Europe and Asia, fully embracing and seeking to understand the cultures and religions of different people. It was while in Europe, engaged in the world of investment banking, that she shifted her interests to a far more holistic approach to living.  Nadja is now a nutritionist and a naturopath by profession and serves as a director of the Mekaba Centre for Holistic Health and Wellbeing. She is committed on a weekly basis to preparing food and providing meals for the homeless and those in need. Nadja is an advocate of sustainable living which includes the use of renewable energies; recycling; and growing our own food for consumption. Most recently she participated in the Carifesta celebrations by joining with artists and painting murals.  When asked about her interest in politics, she said that she knew that she had a choice between taking action to bring fundamental change to her country or to do nothing. She, therefore, decided to join the United Progressive Party as their policies were very much consistent with the direction in which she wanted to see her country go.  Nadja is not one to sit on the sidelines and be a mere observer of life. She is one for action. She will bring this same disposition to her representation for the people of Christ Church South and to the country of Barbados in general. 

Christal P. AUSTIN

  • Christal is a public relations practitioner with more than 13 years experience in the tourism, insurance, entertainment and financial services sectors within Barbados and the Caribbean. She also has three years experience as a freelance journalist specializing in youth affairs and culture.   Her qualifications include an Associate Degree in Law, Government & Politics and Economics from the Barbados Community College; a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Sector Management (Honours) from the University of the West Indies; and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Surrey. She also holds a certificate in Marketing & General Management for Small Business from BIMAP and certificates in Intellectual Property Law and e-Commerce from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).   She is the founder and lead communications consultant of Lyrical Lava PR, a boutique marketing communications agency that specializes in social media management and digital marketing, media relations, brand management and corporate communications.   In 2008 she became the founding president of the Barbados chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), providing local practitioners with professional development and networking opportunities.   She is also passionate about teaching and has served as a part-time lecturer in public relations and social media within the mass communications faculty at the Barbados Community College (BCC) since 2013.  Christal is the proud mother of two, an 11-year old son and a four-month-old daughter.  

David GILL

  • David Gill, UPP Candidate for St. Michael South central is a professional Medicinal Chemist - Biochemist who graduated from the University of Concordia, Quebec. He also holds a Bachelor Laws (Honours) degree from Wolverhampton University, UK. David is currently self-employed as a Business Manager/Consultant. A product of the Carrington Village community, he is a former President of the Barbados Paralympics' Association and has dedicated the greater part of his adult life to helping Barbadians. David established the Cecil "Jimmy Hunte" Foundation which sponsors community projects, initiated a remedial reading programme that has benefitted children preparing for the Common Entrance Examination. He has served as a Member of Parliament and Senator. A former president of the Carrington Royals Club, he is an avid sportsman and was the captain of the Harrison College and Wanderers hockey teams, winning two championships for the latter team. David Gill is a music enthusiast with interest ranging from the classics to calypso and from jazz to reggae.


  • The son of Rev. Granville & Rev. Audrey Griffith, he was born on the island of St Vincent. His parents having been missionaries in St. Vincent,  building and developing the Wesleyan faith there. He attended The Water Street Boys School and private school, after which he moved on to the Lodge school. He continued his management education at BIMAP and his technical studies at The Polytechnique and City & Guild. Hudson has always wanted to follow his own path. This path led him to own his own business at the age of 24; join and serve in the Bridgetown Toastmasters club and be a founder of the Friendly Hall sports club. For most of his young adult life he served as president, coach, mentor and player of Friendly Hall sports club, where he rose to the level of a national volleyball player. Hudson was a Candidate for the BLP in the 2008 and 2013 elections. As he embarks on this new journey of being the candidate for St John for the United Progressive Party, UPP, UPP de ting.. he believes that Barbados is at a cross road in its development and see the creation of the United Progressive Party as part of the machinery to take the country into the future.  


  • Bruce Hennis has always believed that Barbados is a nation that has not yet fully exploited the enormous depths of God given potential that lies within its people, and that herein lies the key to the growth of the nation and its ultimate economic strength. Having won a Barbados Scholarship, Bruce graduated with an honours degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Kent in the UK, and was subsequently awarded a Chevening Scholarship to the University of Stirling in Scotland., where he obtained a postgraduate MBA in Finance with Distinction.    He has had extensive training and experience in the disciplines of Management Consulting and Information Technology; in both of which he has held senior managerial positions. He has also worked on several projects involving Information Technology, Economics, Corporate Finance, Corporate Restructuring and Corporate Development across a number of Caribbean territories.    For over a decade, he was a university lecturer in Management at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels where many of his past students have themselves, subsequently gone on to be leaders across the Caribbean.  


  • Roli Roachford is a Businesswoman, Artist and Sportswoman.   She is the head special needs therapist coach and manager at Jahworks Equestrian Centre & Eco Park in St. Andrew and has represented her country in Equestrian competition on many occasions. She has been ranked #1 in the region in Dressage. Music is also Roli’s passion she is a Reggae Dancehall Artist with 4 albums and two awards The Peoples Choice and Best reggae artist of the year for the Barbados music awards my music unites people over world. She is considered a humanitarian and has rescued many abused animals and provided a sanctuary home for them at Jahworks. As the president and co founder of BEARD (Barbados Equestrian Association for Riders with Disability) she is considered one of the top trainers and competitors in the region .Since 1999 she has lived at Jahworks Cleland St. Andrew and has an eco equestrian centre which provides free therapy for special needs children. The centre also provides a home for Jahworks youth groups. Roli has also provided a base for bike riders hosting and promoting bike fest which was created by Urban Vybz.  Roli with great passion wishes to make a significant contribution to the people of her constituency and country.     

Sandra G. CORBIN

  • Sandra G Corbin is a specialist consultant in public relations, marketing and business development with experience in the Caribbean and the United   Kingdom. She has been a recipient of a business award from popular women’s magazine Cosmopolitan.   Ms Corbin has worked with businesses in both the private and public sectors. She has undertaken business analyses for Fortune 500 companies. Ms.Corbin who has practiced journalism in the United Kingdom holds a degree in Media Studies and a Diploma in journalism from the University of Arts (London) part of Goldsmith College. She ran a publication that trail blazed part of the desktop revolution in the 1980s leading the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to focus on her in a documentary. She has been named in the top 15 Managers globally by the Global Human Resource Test organization Talent+ Locally, she also served as a Member of the Constituency Council of St. James North. Ms Corbin will take on all-comers as she aims to deliver the constituency of St. Michael South East to the UPP and to provide excellent representation to all areas in the constituency.  


  • Linda Yvonne Field was born in Barbados to Clyde and Janice Field. She was educated at the St Winifred's School in Barbados and then moved to London, UK where she pursued studies at the Clayton Secretarial College in Gloucester Road. Linda had always been interested in Interior Design from a young age, and in order to pursue that passion she completed studies at The New York School of Interior Design in New York, USA. Linda would not stop at Interior Design however and pursued a career in the culinary arts working  as a chef for  high networth individuals in private homes across London on a freelance basis. Linda would go on to spread her wings and own a start up restaurant in London, England  called Field House. This business was successful and she was able to sell on the business to Pizza Express in 1995. This would not be the end of her business enterprises. Linda the serial entrepreneur then set up an Antique Shop and then a Bar in Barbados. Linda is perhaps best known for winning Miss Barbados in 1974, representing Barbados in London  in Miss World placing 9th in that competition. Linda is the proud parent of three wonderful children.

Grafton COBHAM

  • Mr. Grafton Cobham is an educator who has taught Mathematics for many years at the Lodge School after having taught at the Combermere School for a year. Educated at the University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus) he gained his BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics and a Masters in Business Administration from Virginia State University. Mr. Cobham has served as a Lecturer and tutor in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of the West  Indies (Cave Hill Campus) for over fifteen years. A keen lawn tennis player and senior athlete, Cobham played cricket for the Barbados Cricket Association’s  Intermediate Division for the University of the West Indies. Cobham is a Member of the Prestige Dance Studio and is a competent ball room, Latin and line dancer. Over the years he has assisted many students with preparation for Mathematics Exams at various levels.  Grafton brings a well-rounded personality to politics and keenly anticipates contesting the General Elections for the constituency of St. James North.

Patsie M. NURSE

  • Ms Patsie Morine Nurse has been a resident of the constituency of St. Michael West for over thirty years. She received her secondary education in the constituency at St.Leonards Girls’ School and the Barbados O Level Institute. Ms Nurse is a hardworking business woman who has been involved in the Day Care, Hospitality and Transport businesses. She pursued studies in Child Care with the Child Care Board; First Aid with the Barbados Red Cross Society; and Small Business Development with the Barbados Small Business Association. She was the founder of Morine’s Day Care and Preschool on Crumpton Street,  Bridgetown and ran the institution for sixteen years. Her involvement with young people included being co-ordinator of the ‘Sparkles Modeling Group’ and organizer of Miss Teen Beauty Pageant and Miss Village Beauty Pageant where poise, good grooming, self-confidence, and high esteem were emphasized. She also had the experience of managing two youth football teams. No stranger to electoral politics, she ran as a DLP candidate in St. Thomas in 2003. On this occasion a more experienced Nurse is keen to represent the constituency in which she has lived for the past thirty years. She understands the challenges the constituents face and is keen to represent them vigorously. 


  • Wendell Callender is a former Member of Parliament and Chairman of Committees of the Barbados House of Assembly. He was Deputy Principal of Cooperative High School and Principal of Caribbean Training Institute. He is a distinguised record of community service having lead many community organisations. A graduate of the University of the West  Indies, Callender holds a BA (Economics and Politics), Diploma in Education and BSc in Public Administration. He also successfully completed studies in Marketing, Export Marketing and Business Law with BIMAP. He has worked as Executive Director of the Barbados Manufacturers Association, Marketing Officer of Barbados Tourism Authority, and Supervisor (Administration) Central Bank of Barbados. He is the author of several books on Barbados.  Mr. Callender, a songwriter, recording artiste under the name ‘Charlie C’ and record producer, and cultural events producer. Mr. Callender has also been called upon to serve on many Boards and Committees within the public and private sector.  Mr. Callender brings a varied background and extensive knowledge to political representation.