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Dr. Maria Agard will not contest election


May 3, 2018


Dr. Maria Agard will not be contesting the upcoming General Elections for the constituency of Christ Church West. 

Dr. Agard has a previously confirmed medical consultation abroad on 23rd May 2018 that cannot possibly be rescheduled. 


We in the United Progressive Party (UPP) deeply regret this clash of events but we understand that Maria’s post surgery intervention  is paramount and we wish her well as she continues to improve. 

Maria will continue to speak at UPP events until her departure. 

We thank her for her sterling contributions to the UPP, and anticipate that she will continue to play a valuable role in the party when she returns to Barbados.


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Lynette Eastmond llb llm is the Leader of the United Progressive Part

A Breath of Fresh Air in St. Andrew

UPP launches new Candidate

The United Progressive Party continues to grow as a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming General Elections. Following on the heals of the issuing of its New Economy Manifesto on November 21, 2017 the party has presented yet another Candidate to the people of Barbados MS. ROLI ROACHFORD

Roli Roachford was born in Sweden of a Barbadian father and a Swedish mother and the family moved back to Barbados to make Barbados their home. The parish of St. Andrew therefore has special meaning for this daughter of St. Andrew.

On Saturday evening, December 9, 2017 at 6:00pm in Shorey Village the people of St. Andrew were reintroduced to Ms. Roachford as a Candidate for the UPP. We acknowledge it as a reintroduction because Ms. Roachford is already well known to the people of St. Andrew. She is first of all a Reggae Artist not only known to St. Andrew but to Barbados as well. She has a riding facility called Jah Works and she was one of the hosts of BikeFest which provided a legitimate and safe outlet for bikers of Barbados. 

Roli has also been important for special needs children in Barbados who find interaction with horses stimulating and exciting. For those who can not walk they are given "legs" again.  

Roli spoke from the heart and carried out a survey of the issues being faced by residents, so much so that she felt St. Andrew to be like a forgotten parish. She spoke of an inadequate bus service, unresolved issues of housing, the wastage and improper treatment of the Greenland Landfill, the poor lighting which is of even greater concern because the residents are forced to walk long distances because of the poor bus service. 

She also lamented the fact that young fathers in Barbados were being incarcerated for minor offences, thereby leaving their children  vulnerable and their job prospects in jeopardy.

Ms. Roachford explained her vision of St. Andrew as an environmentally aware piece of the rock where the natural beauty and features of St. Andrew could be developed for the people of Barbados and their visitors. She spoke of the fruit trees planted in St. Andrew, the coconut trees and the potential for creating nature trails for riding and hiking as well eco-friendly restaurants and visitor accommodation.  

This approach is consistent with the policies of the Progressive Party and it was these very policies which attracted Ms. Roachford to the Party in the first place.

The Leader of the UPP Ms. Lynette Eastmond was also in attendance and endorsed Ms. Roachford for St. Andrew. She spoke too of the fact that Barbados needed to improve its production capacity in order for the country to take care of its debt issues.  She spoke in particular of the content of the party's New Economy Manifesto where she had quoted from Michael Porter's Competitive Advantage of Nations. His thesis she said, was that countries had a choice between poverty and wealth and they chose poverty when their economic system is based on preference not for those who have ability but those who have political or family connections. 

She said that Barbados has a Bill Gates and a Steve Jobs and that Barbados needed to create the facilitating environment for those individuals to emerge in order to take the country forward. 

Ms. Roachford who was clearly excited and passionate about the great possibility of representing St. Andrew said that she would continue her campaign across St. Andrew. When she was asked about her prospects she said that with the people of St. Andrew she thought they were excellent. As her Leader said for Roli it was not about fortune and fame it was about love for her island home and her parish of St. Andrew.

Healthy People Healthy Nation

The UPP will focus on keeping you well and keeping you out of hospital

Barbados, Lower Estate, St. George, July 30, 2017 - It was a beautiful evening where residents were happy to sit on their chairs and patios to listen to their next representative about their health. The Progressive Candidate for St. George North Everton "Heru" Holligan gathered his Constituents around him to share information with them on their heath and wellness. The event was held at the Sheffield Pavilion in Lower Estate. In canvassing St. George North the Candidate related that he had seen many situations where his Constituents were dealing with many chronic diseases which could be mitigated through a change in life style. Everton lamented the fact that much of this information was not being shared with Barbadians. 

In his presentation he told the very enthusiastic audience that as one grew older one did not have to become ill, even though one would slow down. He felt saddened by the fact that there were many in Barbados suffering from hypertension and sugar diabetes who even though they had been taking the medication prescribed for many years still ended up losing a limb or suffering a stroke.

The Progressive Policy is for a healthy people who would then craft a new nation. There is indeed a clear link between making economic progress and social progress and the health and wellness of a nation. 

Our Candidate Everton Holligan had previously canvassed the surrounding neighbourhood and had invited the residents to come out and hear him. He also had invited them to raise any issues which they wanted him to address. 

This was a political meeting like no other where the emphasis was on interacting with the community, answering their questions and getting their feedback. 

Here are some of the simple points made by Mr. Holligan:

  • Drink more water. Water is critical to improved circulation and older people especially often do not drink enough water because of the fear of loss of bladder control.
  • Given our lifestyle these days  most people can adjust their diet to eating lightly steamed vegetables and fruit, and small quantities of meat if one so desired. 
  • As far as possible avoid processed foods. Processed foods have most of the nutrients removed and are therefore of little benefit to the body.
  • Cut out sugar and salt as these are naturally occurring in many of the natural foods which should be consumed. 
  • Get moving! Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

The Leader of the United Progressive Party. Lynette Eastmond, endorsed Everton Holligan as a most excellent candidate. She noted that the UP Party was already working to improve the Nation through the knowledge being provided by Everton. Ms. Eastmond said that from the next day people could make a change to improve their lives by taking some of the simple recommendations coming from the Candidate. 

Ms. Eastmond noted that it was important to rebuild our communities as this was where the strength of the nation would re-emerge. It was within the communities that people could take control of growing their own food, providing community activities for their own people and encouraging and promoting healthy living. 

We will rise together

  Barbados, Bridgetown July 16, 2017 - A new day has come for the people of St Michael North, as the United Progressive Party (UPP) unveiled their candidate of choice for the constituency – attorney at law, Ms. Maria Phillips. As she took to the podium, she declared to the community, “When the tide comes in, all will rise! Under a UPP government, we will all rise!” Ms. Phillips possesses a passion for seeing Barbados develop and believes that this begins by firstly building strong communities. She pointed out that she and her colleagues in the UPP had, in fact, started a number of community projects, hers, in particular, dealing with mediation in public schools.  She lambasted the current government for the heavy taxation meted out to its citizens. She adjured the people within her hearing not to be deceived by the increase in employment and apparent creation of jobs as this was merely a ploy to capture more income tax. The fiscal policy itself is shortsighted and ultimately will not allow the government to pay the debt owed. She countered, “This could only result in further taxation.” She spoke of the impact the tax burden had on citizens such that they no longer had disposable income available, were unable to feed their children and meet their basic needs. She queried why the government enacted the National Social Responsibility Levy and left it for merchants to implement. This meant that “anything could go”. She pointed out that where there is bad administration the government will not have money to pay its debt. She assured the people that under a UPP government, there would be transparency legislation to deal with these matters. She issued an apology to Barbados for the politicians who had abused and misused the people, who had not built the people so that they could become a great people.  Ms. Phillips spoke specifically to the people of Eden Lodge. She encouraged them that they too could become owners of lands and houses. She spoke of the entrepreneurs within the community who had small businesses, some of which were attached to their homes. She assured them, “We will implement community programs that can see those businesses grow”. Noting a great deal of joblessness in the area among the youth, to them she stated, “We want to create opportunities. Not just as artisans but in the new areas of the economy.” She also covered those who had gone to prison and were in need of opportunities to prevent a repeat of criminal activity. In her capacity of attorney-at-law for over fourteen years, she meets persons every day who are getting involved in film and in new areas of the economy. She advised that there were opportunities out there and she wanted people trained so they could take advantage of the opportunities available in the new economy. The goal is to have no second offenders in the community. She is also only too aware of the delays in the justice system and the frustration they caused. She cited the length of time it takes long to get maintenance money and even if there is an order to get it done. Justice needs to go back to the community and Ms. Philips believes we can train Justices of the peace to be peacemakers in their communities.  In order to build the nation, you have to build the people. Under the UPP government, we will cause the people to rise. Ms. Phillips reminded the audience that “No nation is great without its people. One person can make a difference in a country; one business could make a difference in a nation.”  As she exited the stage, she once again reminded the constituency that UPP government’s plans are to build people and as she says “When the tide comes in, we all will rise.” In St Michael North, as their representative, this is her commitment.      

Excellent Find for Barbados

Everton Holligan joins the Progressives

Barbados, Bridgetown June 18, 2017 - Against a cool backdrop of the Market Hill community, the United Progressive Party endorsed Everton “Heru” Holligan to be their candidate for the St George North constituency. 

The man, Heru, as he is affectionately known, who spent his early days pondering the purpose of life had come of age and declared to the audience; “My purpose in life is to leave my country and my community better than how I inherited it.” His launch was aptly held during the Father’s Day celebrations in Barbados as Heru believes that it is our duty to invest in the genius of our young people. He is the father of five children and tries to find creative ways to motivate and inspire them. 

Heru has dedicated his life to the pursuit of holistic wellness for his clients and those he meets. His enthusiasm springs from his own personal journey and triumphs from physical illness. He said he would name the ministry that of “Health and Wellness” as opposed to the traditional “Ministry of Health”; in fact, he noted that in its current state the ministry may well be considered a “Ministry of the Sick”. 

He stated vehemently that there was no reason why we should accept disease as a normal state of being as there were certain basic habits which he believed everyone should know to help avert this position. Heru lamented the excess of two hundred and fifty million dollars spent annually on treating disease rather than getting to the root of the problem. He felt it was important to consider how we could help our children develop in an environment where from birth they could be trained into adults who do not have to encounter some of the issues such as diabetes and hypertension and other non-communicable diseases we currently face.

He pointed to cross-fertilising with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Education to aid in furthering this cause. Heru has worked with many renowned teachers and specialists across the globe offering cleansing programs and specific protocols to help persons with common ailments. 

 Some of his success includes shrinkage of fibroids, helping persons with weight loss, dealing with cancers of the liver and prostate, and helping people to understand the basics of nutrition, cleansing and the value of making dietary adjustments. He is an international and CARICOM certified massage therapist, and reflexologist. He serves as an advisory board member to a new organization Better Birthing in BIM, whose mandate is to educate about natural birthing practices and advocate for better birthing conditions in public health institutions in Barbados. 

He voiced concern about the decline of youth groups in the community as they served as a stabilizing force for young people and facilitated their development. He noted as he canvassed the community that a number of these groups were now defunct. Having benefitted as a young person from these associations, he gave a call for their return and the empowerment of NGOs to further the cause of strengthening our communities. He cited that there were seven major pillars on which communities in Barbados could progress, namely: Unity; Self-Determination; Collective Work and Responsibility; Faith; Creativity; Purpose and Cooperative Economics.

Having come from humble beginnings and observed the plight of the poor first hand, he became persuaded that the best way to have growth in the nation was to begin by empowerment at the level of the family and the community. Using the seven pillars identified in his speech he asked the question “Why should we have to leave our community for food when it was available right there in the community? If anything, we should be patronizing each other’s business and selling the excess to those outside. 

“ From his youth he envisaged ideal relationships, communities and environments and believes that with community agreement these visions are entirely achievable in Barbados. He cited that as he walked around the constituency that persons were welcoming change. He encouraged the audience to consider something new, as party leader Lynette Eastmond had enjoined moments earlier, “see our nation with fresh eyes”. As he concluded, he told those in his hearing to project into the future and have a vision for Barbados and allow the United Progressive Party to share and help in that vision.  


  BARBADOS, Bridgetown. Mar. 31, 2017 … Two more candidates added to the United Progressive Party (UPP) Team  The United Progressive Party has launched two more candidates Paul Forte for the Constituency for St. Michael East and Herman Lowe for the Constituency of St. Michael West Central.   The launch for Paul Forte was held at the Belmont Primary School situated at  Odessa McClean Drive in St. Michael on March 12, 2017.  

Mr. Forte indicated that he had attended that primary school as a young child and it was therefore that his launch into a new facet of life was appropriate. There was a sizeable audience with individuals representing communities within the St. Michael East Constituency.   Mr. Forte was introduced by Damani Parris who provided the audience with an extensive CV reflecting the work which Mr. Forte had been engaged in from the age of 17 years. He had in fact not only engaged in community work in the St. Michael East Constituency but also throughout the several schools in Barbados through institutions such as Team Action and the Youth Parliament. Mr. Forte had also done work through the United Nations (UNICEF) and this work had taken him to Latin America. 

 Mr. Forte fielded questions about drainage in one of the areas and residents expressed concerns that the problem had not been addressed for some ten years or so. Mr. Forte said that he would address the issue and pledged to examine the conditions in the area for the residents and come up with early solutions.   Mr. Herman Lowe launched his candidacy for the Constituency of St. Michael West Central at the Belfield Community Centre, Black Rock in St. Michael on March 27. 2017.  

The Community is a vibrant community and the speakers not only benefitted from those who had come to participate in the proceedings but all the men, women and children who were engaged in sporting activities on that event. Those within ear shot were therefore able to hear the message of the UPP.   Mr. Herman Lowe was introduced by the Political Leader as a Human Rights and Community Activist and as well as a Customs Broker. He was also complimented on his vision of empowering the communities within Barbados through training programmes, community farming and community banking.   Mr. Herman Lowe expressed great concern for the young people in the community and said that he could see no reason why as a Candidate he could not start programmes before being given the nod by the people of the Constituency. 

 He made the pledge to start work immediately.   UPP Leader Lynette Eastmond endorsed the views expressed by these two candidates by stating that Barbadians deserved to live in conditions which were just as good as those in any developed country. She said that Barbados had been blessed with a great inheritance and that if politicians were to focus on development of the people in Barbados, Barbados and Barbadians could reach their full potential.     


BARBADOS, Bridgetown. Mar. 11, 2017 -- Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Lynette Eastmond, has thrown her support behind the Life in Leggings movement,  which has quickly gained regional support.

Having observed their recent challenges with the staging of their local march, which has fought valiantly for visibility in the face of a clash with a similar exercise by an opposition party, even though they had announced their march first, Eastmond remarked, "We in the UPP are truly encouraged and inspired by the efforts of the organisers of the Life in Leggings movement.   We commend their resilience and dedication to their cause in the face of opposition.  Barbados can only grow as a democracy when more citizens join together to make change a similar  premise upon which our members have joined our cause. 

"For too long as a people we have given the vast majority of our power to traditional leaders, including government, believing ourselves to be powerless.   It is our firm belief that this is far from the truth.”

"Every Barbadian has the right and the ability to make a difference.  Rather than feel afraid of victimisation for taking a stand against injustice in any quarter by any entity, we need a climate where more people feel truly free to rise up, speak out and rally the change they want to see.”

"Government must once again be believed to be by the people, of the people and for the people and we are committed to paving the way for greater participation by Barbadians in the future we craft for our nation today."

The newly formed UPP is currently recruiting candidates in preparation for the imminent general elections, which are due within the next 11 months. 


Barbados, Bridgetown March 5, 2017 --- Barbados' newest political party, the UNITED PROGRESSIVE PARTY (UPP) headed by former senator Lynette Eastmond, is officially launching its first candidate, Craig Harewood. Mr. Harewood will be vying for the St. George South seat.With elections legally due next year in early 2018, the emergence of a new party on the electoral horizon is not a unique situation. In fact, , the UPP is now one of several new political parties, but there is something unique about this new political formation – at least that is what UPP candidate, Craig Harewood seeks to indicate to the population.“UPP is no ordinary political party,” he says and adds: “ the established political parties in Barbados are failing to provide a real vision for the country and instead of progressing we are stagnating and even declining.”In many respects Mr. Harewood, an investment manager by profession, does not strike one as the usual political candidate due to his younger persona and varied background and in a recent interview expressed a passionate vision of making Barbados a first world country through foreign direct investment into areas such as renewable energy, technology based agri-business and other forward-thinking areas.“Principled, accountable leadership is the hallmark of the UPP; with the voice and active role of the citizen, we can overcome any of our problems as a country. He points to his experience managing a company which has a Legal Entity Identification issued by the London Stock Exchange as an example of him complying with a suite of global regulatory standards.“UPP believes it is the citizens that will rebuild Barbados. The citizens just require support and the necessary skills, policies, and leadership within relevant structures, to succeed,” he says.Mr. Harewood believes that the only way to improve the lives of Barbadians is via investment and new wealth creation. Should he be elected Mr. Harewood has indicated his intent to create the Nation’s first Sovereign Wealth Fund to invest in local business/entrepreneurs, and which would also be utilized to deliver a meaningful solution to tackle the growing NIS insolvency problem.However, starting from the premise that no one knows who Mr. Harewood is politically, and many may say he is not even a politician – but a business person – and, therefore, lacking the gravitas to navigate the inherently inhospitable terrain of local politics and gather the support needed by his constituency, he seems undeterred by the enormity of the credibility challenge he faces.As a son of St. George, Mr. Harewood recalls dabbling in agriculture, growing such produce as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash and watermelon in his youth. He believes this makes him intimately aware of some of the challenges faced by local farmers, ranging from the competition of low cost imports to praedial larceny, and he has put deep thought into several possible solutions.
He states, “One of my neighbours actually gave me the idea of commercial aquaponics, fish farming to grow crops, as a possible solution for Barbados. I believe it would help put young people to work and assist in saving some foreign exchange.”Enthusiastically he points in the distance to an area where he sometimes walks to see the St.George valley knowing that his political journey will indeed be a trek.“I think first and foremost – the critical thing is that I am a citizen of this country.
Many a time we are discouraged to participate in the affairs of our country because, we are told we have to be lawyers or members of some elite organisation or political party.”“Political popularity has so far failed to resolve the country’s problems,” he states. “Popularity will not bring investors back in the country. The Prime Minister, and by extension his cabinet, is supposed to be the manager of a functioning system that delivers on its mandate to the people.
“It is the citizens that must judge from the work that we do as leaders whether we deserve to hold these leadership roles.”A UWI graduate, Mr. Harewood states he has, in recent months, been speaking with members of the public, to garner feedback and drum up support for his party. His biography describes him as an enthusiast for economics, social development and political participation where he states his wish to encourage the use of the phrase “UPP de ting” to convey the need to raise Barbados to a new level. Stating “it is akin to continuous improvement; whereby, if we seek to continuously improve society and the economy for the lives of all in Barbados, as a people and as a future government with the help of the public we would make ourselves proud.Let this be our turning point.” 


Barbados, Bridgetown February 11, 2017 ---The United Progressive Party held its first press briefing on February 9th, 2017 at the Marriott Courtyard in Christ Church, Barbados. The main speaker was Chairperson of the new political party Ms. Lynette Eastmond who was introduced by Mr. Craig Harewood the Treasurer of the organisation. Ms. Eastmond was introduced as an Attorney-at-Law and former Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development.Ms. Eastmond spoke of a new vision for Barbados coming out of a movement where Barbadians were seeking to have a greater say in their democracy. She cited the successful “No To Cahill” movement which stopped a DLP Government proposed waste to energy plant. She also cited those who demonstrated against the poor water service in the north of the island.Lynette Eastmond has faced the polls before without success and noted that if she were not afraid to take this step, the same should be the case for other Barbadians. The vision of the UPP is that of a First World Barbados with all the opportunities and amenities available in those countries. The UPP believes that the blessings of the country’s geography (very few natural disasters) and its talented and skilled people should have propelled it to the top of all global indices by now. The vision of our current leaders had become too narrow. She lamented the fact that not only the economic indicators were down but also competitiveness, ease of doing business and human development.Paul Forte brought the proceedings to an end, expressing great appreciation to the Barbados media which was well represented at the press briefing.The response by the opponents of the UPP and those who feel threatened by a more politically active Barbadian population has been fast and furious. Political operatives on social media were out in full force from the time the news story hit the streets. These facebook activities were followed up by formal press statements from Peter Wickham, Liz Thompson and David Estwick who have sought to throw cold water on the efforts of the members of the UPP.The UPP has however been inundated with congratulatory messages. Many agree that Barbados needs more choice and as Lynette Eastmond stated, Barbadians were beginning to feel that there was a pact between the members of the BDLP Coalition to simply pass Barbados between each other every ten years or so to their own benefit.After the press briefing the UPP was invited to appear at prime time on the CBC News on the same day and was also invited to an interview with Life 97.5 FM on the next day.The UPP promised to follow through with its candidate selection process, visiting constituents and building its policy platform from the ground up.